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Sabian HHX Performance Set Catalog ID: 15005XTMN The HHX Performance Set introduces a whole new design to the HHX line. Starting with a round of sparse hammering, followed by lathing, then denser HHX hammering over top, the result is a line of cymbals that are thinner, darker and faster than the HHX Studio, Stage and P. Find anything you need. HHX-Omni - SABIAN Cymbals HHX Omni Go Dark. For the ultimate in sonic contrast and versatility. HHX, designed by JoJo Mayer. HHX Omni Outstanding contrast and versatility, with more nuanced tone on the ride surface and a new dimension of playing with the shoulder, the new #DarkOmni truly is a go-anywhere, play-anywhere cymbal. Explore HHX Omni.
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